Okello’s Update


· The children, Ben & Emily, and the teachers overall are well and heathy. One child, Linda, who has Sickle Cell Anemia has been struggling. Ben has gotten her medical support and she is now back at Scofield School studying.

· 18 eighth graders and 15 twelfth graders are taking the Kenyan national exams. For more than a decade since the Scofield students have been taking these exams, we have had a 100% pass rate. Passing the 8th grade exam is required to move forward into high school. Passing the 12th grade exam is required to be considered for university study.

· Scofield School and Orphanage continuing needs include: children’s food (100 children) and teachers wages (20 teachers) scholarships, mosquito nets, school uniforms, shoes, and science laboratory equipment.

· Please continue to pray for the Okellos, the children and staff and the needs of the Scofield School and Orphanage