Help us bring the Joy of Easter to our Neighbors

by eliminating $1,000,000 of Medical Debt

in Western North Carolina!


Please join the Presbytery-wide effort to address systemic poverty as we highlight the effects of medical debt for the un-insured and under-insured. We are months into a campaign that will culminate at our April 26, 2022 Presbytery meeting. Our shared goal is to eliminate $1,000,000 of medical debt held by neighbors here in Western North Carolina.


Impossible? Not at all, because we don’t have to collect $1 million dollars, but a more easily attainable $10,000. We are partnering with the non-profit RIP Medical Debt, an organization that purchases debt from debt-collectors in bundled portfolios. $1 donated abolishes $100 of medical debt.


RIP Medical Debt works to forgive debt rather than collect on it. Working with third- party credit data providers, RIP searches bundled debt portfolios to locate accounts meeting our criteria for financial relief. RIP then negotiates to buy portfolios at a steep discount, on average a penny on the dollar. Prior to RIP's purchase, many of these bills have passed through several collection agencies and months or years of collection pursuit. Others are purchased or donated directly from hospitals & doctors’ groups. RIP offers to purchase these accounts at their present industry market value. The humanitarian difference is that once RIP buys this debt, we forgive it on behalf of our donor, removing derogatory credit marks that would hobble their finances for years.

See? The Presbytery can easily eliminate $1,000,000 of medical debt in Western North Carolina, all we need to do is raise $10,000; and as of this writing, we’re nearly half-way towards our goal!


Evenly divided among our congregations, it would be a simple ask of $100 per congregation. Surely you can find $100 between now and Easter Sunday! And, if your congregation can do more, follow the example of First Presbyterian of Morganton that collected an offering over Christmas and contributed over $1,000! Thank you FPC Morganton!


It’s important that your donations come through RPC to the Presbytery, so please make checks out to Rutherfordton Presbyterian Church and put RIP Medical Debt in the memo line and we’ll donate the sum to RIP. If you work directly with RIP, rather than through the church and Presbytery, there’s no guarantee your money will stay in Western North Carolina. RIP is a wonderful organization, eager to help, so we simply ask you to work with the Presbytery to ensure our closest neighbors are assisted.