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Annual Report 2017

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Pastor’s Report…………………………………. Page 3

Essential Planning Report…………………….…Pages 4-5

Youth Ministry Report…………………………..Page 6

Christian Growth & Nurture Report…………….Pages 7-8

Fellowship Committee Report…………………. Page 9

Laura Falls Committee Report…………………. Page 10

Membership Committee Report…………………Page 11

Nominating Committee Report………………… Page 12

Outreach Committee Report…………………….Pages 13

Personnel and Operations Committee Report…...Page 14

Property Committee Report……………………. Page 15

Worship Committee Report……………………. Page 16

Finance/Stewardship Committee Report……….. Page 17

Current Estimated Gift Giving Report. . . . . . . . . Page 18




2017 Pastor’s Report


“Come, let us bow down in worship,

let us kneel before the Lord our Maker;

for he is our God

and we are the people of his pasture,

the flock under his care.”

(Psalm 95.6-7)


As we join to worship and praise God together, let us give thanks for all that God is doing in our midst.  We have celebrated wonderful marriages, baptisms, and the addition of new members throughout 2017.  Together, we have mourned the loss of loved ones.  We have studied and explored, prayed and sung, worked and sacrificed—all in Jesus’ name.  Through it all, God has been at work in each of us to strengthen our congregation and build our relationship with the Lord and with one another.  It has been a good year!


In fact, the past 2 years have been exceptional for our growing ministry.  We are moving steadily toward our goal of building a new addition complete with a much needed fellowship hall, nursery, and toddler room.  The Youth House has been demolished, an architect has drawn up plans, and we are in the midst of an ambitious five-year capital campaign (“Our Future”) that has been very successful to date.  At the current time, we have $1,373,201 in pledges and of that amount have received $623,687.41 in contributions to date.  Everything is progressing well and we have much for which to be thankful.  We hope to begin construction in late 2018 or early 2019.  In the meantime, our Building Committee is working with former member and project engineer, Wilson Jumper, to complete all the necessary steps prior to construction.


In so many different ways, we are a congregation that is experiencing growth and seeking exciting opportunities to minister to our community and to the larger world.  From Rutherfordton to rural Kenya, we are sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Please join me in looking forward to what God has in store for Rutherfordton Presbyterian in 2018!


God’s richest blessings,

Don Scofield, Pastor



2018 Committee Goals


Fellowship:   To incorporate our congregation in fellowship together by planning three or more luncheons after our Sunday services throughout the year.  We feel this is a good time to get to know our church families in a more relaxed atmosphere and fellowship with one another.     


Finance:  Increase participation by Church members in Estimated Gift Giving program.


Growth & Nurture:  

            1. Host a mid-year Rally Day to encourage both Sunday School attendance and encourage growth in membership.  Through strategies of a meal, invite a friend to attend with you and others developed and promoted by the committee, the goal is to encourage active participation in ministry.

2.         Support, encourage and promote engagement of children and their families in worship through the regular worship service and focused Sunday School lessons.

3.         Through focused prayer, personal Bible Study, purposeful conversations with each other, prayerful implementation of current ministry and engagement of church and community members, the Committee will support the pastor’s vision “to discover and address those needs of our members and the community at large that can be appropriately and effectively met by the expansion or creation of ministry at RPC.


Laura Falls:  To effectively disburse the available funds in order to help the most people possible.


Membership:  Create a process to increase membership and make visitors and new members feel welcome.  Create a comprehensive handbook to give to current and new members describing the different missions of the Church and how to become involved.  Create a new member gift pack to be given when someone joins the Church.  Reach out to young adults to get input on how to attract younger members.  Organize spiritual and social events for young adults and not so young adults.


Outreach:  Plan several workdays with Habitat for Humanity.  Continue our support of local missions such as the soup kitchen at Saint Gabriel’s as well as foreign missions such as the Okellos and the Medical Benevolence Foundation.


Personnel:    1.  Review and update position descriptions for all salaried personnel, which were not completed in 2017.

                        2.  Establish a functional evaluation process for all RPC salaried personnel.

                        3.  Review RPC salaried support staff positions for competitiveness in the Western North Carolina market.

                        4.  Research with The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (USA), health and retirement savings plan that may be available for church employees in addition to the Pastor.  If options are available, these should be considered in establishing salaries for 2019.


Property:  Continue to contract with a person to maintain and care for the plantings on the church property and continue to contract with a person to maintain and care for the lawn area of the church property, including leaf removal in the fall.  Over see the rental of the bank building and continue the process for what is the future for the Miller property.


Strategic Planning:  Continue with the Church’s priorities for the physical property.    Assist, if needed, with the Building Committee in obtaining a qualified builder to begin the process of new construction and renovation.


Worship:  Continue to increase the number of members of the congregation participating in the worship services.




Karen Andrews, Chair of Strategic Planning




Youth Annual Report 2017

The Youth of Rutherfordton Presbyterian Church continue to enjoy times of fellowship, service activities, and good discussion.  We have six youth that attend regularly, often bringing friends,  as well as several others who participate when they are able.  Starting in August, we began having monthly lunch gatherings and a fun activity or service project each month.. We have a great group of young people who genuinely support each other and never fail to have a fun time together.  One of the highlights for 2017 was our weekend retreat to Pine Knoll Shores on the coast.  We were able to explore the Bogue Sound, enjoy some time on the beach, and experience some excellent education programs lead by none other than Jessie Scofield. We are hoping to get to do a similar retreat this year as well.                                   Cindy Moore, Youth Director


Here are some other highlights from 2017:




Monthly Lunch

Souper Bowl of Caring

Beach Retreat

Apple Orchard

School Supply Drive

Sunday School

Escape Room

Easter Egg Hunt


Christmas Lights

Operation Christmas Child



Highlights for 2016 Christian Growth & Nurture

Christian Growth and Nurture

  • The Committee met three times in 2016
    • At the March 15 meeting the activities of the committee were reviewed
      • Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Youth Group, Lenten and Advent Bible Studies, Easter Egg Hunt, Confirmation classes, new members’ class and gifts of Bibles to graduates.          
      • Each of the Sunday School leaders was asked to write a blurb of what the class does and who can join.  Dan uploaded them to the website.
      • Nancy Bayley is updating bulletin boards.
      • The team agreed to meet as needed.  Next meeting is August 16.


  • At the   August 16 meeting
    • Sunday School blurbs were updated for the fall.
    • The Easter Egg Hunt and  Vacation Bible School were reported on
    • Rally Day was planned and was held on September 11th with 52 people in attendance as a kick off for the Sunday School year.  Fred and Nancy Bayley and Mary Beth Francis and Jill Scott did the majority of the work with other team members helping provide the food and clean up for the 10 AM activity.  Dr. Scofield spoke about the importance of SS and teachers spoke briefly about what is happening.
    • The team adopted a Child Safety Policy and recommended to the Session.
    • Graduates were presented gift Bibles.
    • Dr. Scofield held confirmation class and a new members’ class, and held Lenten Bible Study


  • At the November 1 meeting
    • A review of the Rally Day for improvements was discussed.
    • The committee reviewed the budget and made recommendations.
    • We agreed to keep the same budget requests for 2017 and will monitor the budget as we move forward.
    • It was decided upon recommendation from Mary Beth and Nancy that the children’s program for January, February and March be a 10 AM mission focus and then after children’s sermon in the worship service, all K-5 go downstairs for Sunday School.   More people will be enlisted to assist with the three weeks each month of the program.  On the first Sunday of each month the K-5 will stay in the worship service to learn about the worship service and communion.   This will be reviewed in February, March to determine if we will continue it.  More children are currently participating in children’s sermon and worship than are attending Sunday School.  So, this is an attempt at meeting their needs differently.

Christian Growth and Nurture (continued)


  • We will be making a concerted effort to publicize the activities we support.  Nancy’s Bulletin Boards will be one place but other things may be used such as Sunday School announcements, bulletin inserts, etc.  Also we will begin tracking Sunday School attendance beginning in January monthly to set goals for the future.
  • Advent Bible Study will be conducted on Tuesday’s beginning the first week of Advent in November and the same book will be used in Dr. Scofield’s Sunday School Class that he teaches.
  • Next meeting is Sunday morning March 19 at 9 AM to plan Vacation Bible School for a concerted effort to plan and publicize VBS for the summer of 2017.


  • Accomplishments:
    • Quarterly updates on the website of the content of the Sunday School lessons
    • Innovation in delivery of children’s programming
    • Regular activities of the committee completed for 2016



                        Susan Allred, Chair





The Fellowship Committee had a very successful year in 2017. We, as a committee, feel that all our activities draw us closer together as a congregation.

We had several luncheons for our church family to join in fellowship together.

We celebrated our Mothers in May on Mother’s Day with stems of carnations. In June, the Fathers were honored with a Tootsie Pop on Father’s Day.

On October 29, we honored the Okellos at our Fall Festival with a covered dish luncheon.

After a lovely presentation of music from the Handbell Choir and Simply Brass, we honored Dr.  Henry Neale and Margaret Carpenter Neale for their generous donation of our handbells the Rutherfordton Presbyterian Church.  After the service on November 12th, we had a covered dish luncheon in honor of the handbells in the social hall. 

Stewardship Sunday was celebrated on November 19th with a catered lunch.


Ann Deviney, Chair 


Laura Falls Committee




The Laura Falls Committee received 6 requests for financial help in 2017. These were for our Church family and members of the community. The Committee distributed a total of $2045.00.

Members of the Committee were: Joyce Hood, Chairman; Don Scofield, Susan Hendrick, Reid Lane, Dorothy Lane, Vicki Beard, Jan Rosenbaum, Cindy Camp, Debbie Robertson, Lorna Putnam, and Nancy Bayley.


Joyce Hood, Chair



Membership Ministry



We are pleased to have welcomed 7 new members to our Church family. The growth of new members is vital to the health and well-being of our congregation. Members were encouraged during Rally Day to invite friends and others to come visit our Church and Sunday School. The Membership Committee has been exploring ways of attracting and welcoming new members. “Usher” badges for the ushers to use on Sunday mornings have been purchased to help identify them to visitors. We have been working on a comprehensive handbook to give to current and new members describing the different missions of the Church and how to become involved. Planning is in the process to create a gift pack welcoming new members as they join the Church. New ideas for Church membership have been and continue to be generated by our young adults. We are also working to organize spiritual and social events for young adults and “not so young” adults.



Nancy Bayley, Chair



Nominating Committee


The committee nominated the following members for the Class of 2020, elected at our congregational meeting held on October15, 2017:


Class of 2020




Scott Denning

Ann Deviney

Jill Scott

Doug Sheets






Ruth Hils

Terri Milliken

Debbie Robertson

Craig Sargent


Outreach Committee


            The Outreach committee this year did a number of things. We had a workday with Habitat in the spring and scheduled another for the fall, but it was cancelled by Habitat. We allocated funds back to the soup kitchen and also helped with funding for the school backpack program. We restocked the food boxes that Renita hands out as needed and helped several individuals with various needs.  When Ben and Emily were here, we helped with getting Ben the care he needed and helped to cover their medical expenses. The extra money that was raised was allocated to the Scofield School and Orphanage.  We will have at least 2 workdays with Habitat for next year and will see where there are needs that we can meet.  Anyone wishing to be involved is welcome to contact Doug Sheets.


Doug Sheets, Chair 




Personnel Committee and Operations Report


Members of the Committee:   Susan Allred, Molly Oakman and John Martin

Salaried Staff for calendar year 2017 include the following:

Pastor – Donald Scofield

Administrative Assistant – Renita Atchley

Youth Director – Cindy Moore

Music Director – Donna Scofield

Organist – Lynn Patterson

Custodian – Polly Leach


Position Descriptions of Salaried Staff:

Committee reviewed all RPC staff position descriptions to determine if revisions were necessary to reflect their duties and responsibilities based on the vision of Ministry for the Church.  It was determined that there should be updates to all salaried staff position descriptions.  The position description for the Pastor was revised and approved both by the Committee and the Session.  All other salaried staff positions will be updated in 2018.


Staff Salary Adjustment: 

The Committee discussed and recommended staff compensation for 2018 based on the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) advised by the Presbytery.  The 2% COLA was recommended and approved by the Session. 


The Session reviewed the terms of call for the Pastor, as presented by the Committee and unanimous confirmed that he meets the terms of call.  The terms of call for 2018, as recommended by the Session, will be presented for congregational action on January 14, 2018.


Love Offering:

The December Love Offering for Church staff of $3,225.00, which distributed to the salaried staff. 


Thank You:

The Committee thanks Evie Carter, for her volunteer support with administrative duties of the church.   Further, we thank all those who volunteer in the on-going operations and ministry of the Church. 



                                                                         John Martin, Committee Chair



Property 2017


The Property Committee had a busy and productive year in 2017.  We are very happy to have hired Eddie Searcy Landscaping to help with our yard work.  He is doing a great job.  Also, we hired Junior Bates to work on the roof of the Miller house.  He did what he could, however the roof is in bad shape and will need to be replaced in the future. In addition to the above, we sponsored a cleanup day and completed a sundry list of small repairs to maintain the overall fine appearance of our grounds and buildings. We are pleased to continue renting the old bank building.


Finally, I want to thank all the members of the Property Committee for their support and help throughout the year.

George Moyer

Scott Denning

Andy Callahan

Karl Trumpler

Craig Sargent


Happy New Year 2018,

Johnny Watson


Worship Committee

Brenda Winker and Marian Moyer, Co-Chairs

Committee Members: Brenda Winker, Usher Coordinator; Marian Moyer, Communion Coordinator; Jacqueline Hamilton, Parament Coordinator; Janis Rosenbaum, Lay Reader Coordinator; Susan Allred, Prayer Vigil Coordinator; Lorna Putnam, Jennifer Long, Dorothy Lane, Ann Deviney, Bart Long, Joan Routh, Kay Young, and Lynda Carver

Anne Strupp is unable to serve as an active committee member but graciously continues to serve as the All Saints Day Coordinator.

The Worship Committee meets two to three times a year depending upon the date of Easter. The committee met in 2017 on February 17th and September 15th.

A general list of the committee’s responsibilities follows along with some details for 2017.

  1. Prepared Communion and recruited elders to serve on the first Sunday of each month and for the following special services: Christmas Eve @ 5:30 and 11:00, Ash Wednesday, and Maundy Thursday.
  2. Changed paraments based on the liturgical calendar.
  3. Prepared and mailed usher volunteer lists with summary of responsibilities.
  4. Prepared and mailed lay readers lists.
  5. Provided flower arrangements for the special occasions as roses for new births, and palms for Palm Sunday. The committee designates who the recipients of the Easter Lily and poinsettia funds will be each year. The Easter Lily recipients for 2017 were The Okellos and Laurel Falls. The committee designated The Okellos as the only recipient of the Poinsettia Fund for 2017. This decision was based on the additional needs for the Okellos.
  6. Planned and executed the All Saints Day Service.
  7. The Sanctuary Choir under the direction of Donna Scofield, The Hand Bell Choir under the direction of Jill Scott, Simply Brass, Dan Mrozkowski and Karen Andrews and Fred and Nancy Bayley, and other musicians provided special music for the Worship Services.
  8. Organized and executed two themed prayer vigils, one at Easter and one at Thanksgiving
  9. Purchased new “Glory to God” Hymnals with “in memory of” and “in honor of” donations.
  10. 10.  Encouraged more voluntary participation in worship, both individually and corporately. (Many thanks to all our member volunteers!)

“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe.” Hebrews 12:28.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Winker, Co-Chair Worship Committee


Finance/Stewardship Committee Report 2016-2017




The committee projected a total income of $290,582 for the year to cover budgeted expenses.


We finished the year with a deficit of $9,106.  This is the first year of deficit after four years of surplus.






In December 2017, the committee finalized the 2018 budget and presented it to the Session for approval at the December meeting. The approved budget projects income of $280,000 and expenses of $296,541 for the coming year.  We are currently projecting a deficit of $16,541.


There is a payroll increase for all employees included in the 2018 budget.


All other committees project little or no increases in expenses for 2018.


The budget may be altered by the finance committee with approval of the Session. No significant changes are expected.


Financial Position on December 31, 2017

Total operating assets of $42,470.


Reserve assets of $98,213.


Total monetary assets of 140,683 (an increase of $3,753 over 2017)


Net monetary assets have increased from $135,114 to $138,141.




Carlisle Whitlock, Chair 


Current Estimated Gift Giving



 As of January 1, 2018 there have been 57 (EGG) Estimated Gift Giving cards returned for a total of $207,760.00


The Finance Committee would like to thank the congregation for their response and show of support for the wellbeing of the church and the continuation of God’s work in our community and the world.


This year the committee will consist of the following members:


Carlisle Whitlock- Committee Chairman

Don Lesher

John Martin

John Talley- Church Treasurer


If you are interested in serving on the committee, please contact Carlisle Whitlock.