Sunday, July 25

  9:30 am Zoom Sunday School

11:00 am In-Person & Live-Stream Worship in the Sanctuary/5 Cents-A-Meal

  6:00 pm AA Meeting


Tuesday, July 27

  6:00 pm AA Meeting


Wednesday, July 28

  9:00 am Prayer & Devotions (in-person & on zoom)

  6:00 pm Choir Practice

  6:00 pm AA Meeting


Thursday, July 29

  4:30 pm Yoga in the new Fellowship Hall


Sunday, August 1

  9:30 am Zoom Sunday School

11:00 am In-Person & Live-Stream Worship in the Sanctuary with David Hosick

  6:00 pm AA Meeting



*New Office Hours for Administrative Assistant*

Monday and Tuesday: 9am-12pm; 1pm-3pm

Wednesday: 9am-12pm

Beginning Monday, January 4, Renita will be moving to part-time hours in the church office in anticipation of her retirement. The Personnel Committee has already begun the process of seeking candidates for the position. In fact, we are seeking candidates for two part-time positions: Administrative Assistant and Finance Ministry Assistant.

*The Pastor’s hours will remain the same, Monday through Friday. Please contact him by cell phone (828-289-0902) or email (dscofield@bellsouth.net)

if you prefer to make an appointment to meet with him.

Thank you!


Return to In-Person Worship

Important Updates
Update on Worship and Masks
Beginning Sunday, June 20, we will institute a new policy regarding masks. If you have been vaccinated, you no longer are required to wear a mask. However, if you prefer to wear a mask or feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please do so. If you have not been vaccinated, we ask that you please wear a mask out of concern and care for others in attendance. Please be especially mindful of our children who have not yet been vaccinated. Parents, we leave any decision about your child wearing a mask to your best judgment.
As always, wearing or not wearing a mask is not a political statement in our church. It is a matter of care and concern for the welfare of others and a recognition that, as followers of Christ, we put others before ourselves.  
Update on our return to the Sanctuary
If the COVID 19 infection rate continues its downward trend, we plan to return to worship in our Sanctuary on July 4. We look forward to hearing the organ and our choir once again! The above policy on masks will continue to be in place along with a number of other safe practices that we have instituted during this pandemic. Please note that the nursery will not be available until a later date. More information to follow.
A Note for Parents
Parents are welcome to use the nursery and playroom area anytime it would be helpful to them and their children. (Just so you know: we love children to be present in worship and think that a crying baby is music to our ears! So please do not feel compelled to take your child out of worship just because they are crying or being loud.) We recognize, however, that there are times when an alternative space may be helpful. In addition, the television in the new lobby is available to view the worship service live on YouTube if that would be of assistance to you.