Scottie’s Home Ministries-Big Buddy Program

James and I have a son who has lived in group homes in 4 counties in NC. In every move, we have been told it is highly unusual to have a family as involved as we are. When Scottie moved back to Rutherford County, James and I would pick him up about twice a month and let him help his dad with chores so he could make a little pocket money. Last year was not different. The thing that changed after March was, he would have a little list and a bit of money with instructions to pick up chips or soda. After Thanksgiving we got an email that we could no longer pick him up or even visit, except outside and with a mask, due to some directive from Raleigh concerning group homes and nursing homes. I was told that Scottie and one other person from the home were the only ones that had left the house except for doctor appointments since 3/13/21.

James and I talked about it and decided to purchase Christmas gifts for all the residents of the group home. For about $25.00 per person, we made a real difference in the Christmas season. We then decided to make a tremendous leap of faith and decided to cover all residents in group homes in Rutherford County. I presented the idea to our minister and administrator and was met with excited approval. Scottie’s Home Ministries-Big Buddy Program was born.

There are 101 people living in group homes in our county. Many of these people are placed and, over time, alone. Sisters and brothers move away and parents die. This is a forgotten population, for the most part.

My vision for this year is to provide the special gift each resident specified ($20.00), and to purchase sleep pants and tee shirts for each one, which I can provide for $6. Per person. We have 3 group homes that have specified house gifts instead of individual gifts- puzzles, card games, board games, and art supplies. I have received more than half the funding for the sleep pants. I still have about 25 names of residents. I do ask that if you take a name, please pray for your individual throughout the year.

John Keith, a member of our congregation, is making stockings, which we will fill with an apple, and orange and candy-regular or sugar free. I hope you will join us in this new ministry.


~For more information contact Liz Seggers at 828-223-0236 or