Dear Friends: 

Over a year ago, after focusing on mission needs within our church, we began seriously considering a building campaign. This was not a new discussion, in fact the need to build at least a new fellowship hall had been considered for years. But this time the momentum seemed right. The building committee interviewed several architects, picked one who seemed to "get us", worked with that firm to eventually present a project that met our needs, honored our past and reached out to our future. Adjustments were made in the original design to reduce some costs. A steering committee was formed to begin the fundraising campaign. We hired a consultant who interviewed several of us and reviewed our financial history. We reached out to our friend, Wilson Jumper, who helped us pin an estimated cost on the project. We presented the information to the church membership. We immediately felt the enthusiasm grow. 

A lofty goal was set, especially for a congregation our size. No one knew if the support would be there or not. If not, then we could stop talking about addressing our church needs and muddle through as best we could. But the support was there from the first week of the campaign, and the energy did not wane, in fact, it accelerated. The excitement, the joy and the hope has been palpable over these last few months. 

We have raised over $1.3 million in pledges from membership, regular attendees, and friends of our church. We have already deposited over $400,000 in the building fund. This is phenomenal and could not have happened without great leadership, mutual respect for one another, love for the church itself, and God's Spirit continuing to bless our congregation. There is still more to do. The sanctuary needs work; the old fellowship hall needs to be remodeled, as do our music facilities. However, already we are under budget with some items in the campaign, so those additional goals may also be in reach if additional gifts come in. 

This project will poise us for a fantastic future, and allow us to continue to strive to meet the spiritual needs of our community. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this chapter of our history. Thank you all for your support, your kindness and your love. 

In Christ 

Sally Lesher and Guy Winker 

Our Future Steering Committee Co-Chairs


Pledge campaign update: 

As of February 28th, we have $1,005,000.00 in pledges!!! This is great news and has us well on the way to our pledge goal of $1.3 million. We know that some of you have indicated your intention to pledge, but have not yet done so. Also, there are some families we have not yet heard from. We ask that you let us know your intention as soon as possible by using your pledge sheet or one of the available pew envelopes. Please review your information packet and let us know if you have any questions. 

We will no longer be giving weekly updates since the initial pledge campaign is over, however we will be giving monthly updates for the duration of the pledge drive. We ask that you prayerfully consider your role in this effort. 

If you have already pledged, we ask that you consider increasing your pledge if you are able. Or if circumstances allow, you might consider an additional one time gift to push us over the top. 

We are so very close! We need everyone to keep the energy and enthusiasm up. Let’s get this wrapped up so we can move on to the fun stuff. 

Thank you, Sally Lesher and Guy Winker

Please remember to turn in your pledge sheets for “Our Future” building fund as soon as possible. Thank you.

I think I speak for the rest of the congregation when I give my wholehearted support and deep appreciation for the huge task all the volunteer leaders took on in gathering us together in "Our Future". We cannot take this project for granted as we continue to pray for the next five years and help serve our Lord who brought us all together in such an awesome way. Let us pray that God continues to work in us in the years to come. 

God bless you! 

Church Member who wishes to remain anonymous 

A reminder that as we have checks and donations coming in for our building program, it will be very important to give these as separate donations to “Our 

Future” or the “Building Fund.” 

 Dr. Scott Lawrence has chosen to honor Dr. Don Scofield and Dick Craft, in appreciation of their ministry to his mother, by giving a gift to our building fund.

Gifting for Rutherfordton Presbyterian Church Building expansion:

Going forward, there is as always much to do both in our Christian duty to others and in the maintenance of our Church's physical plant. We pay our own way as regards to budgetary items but must begin to set aside assets to improve and update our Church's footprint.  Please weigh your personal circumstances against the benefits we receive here at Rutherfordton Presbyterian Church and contribute what you reasonably can.  Please mail any donations directly to the church address stating what account your donation is to be credited too. Thank you in advance for your contributions.






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